To the Editor:

Did you ever love someone who was disabled? Did you ever have trouble finding them sufficient housing?
John Hansen’s sister Tammy, my best friend died before John could get an abandoned nursing home in Fredericksburg remodeled. Not many people are aware of the desperate need for handicapped accessible apartments in rural areas.
John bought the nursing home in April of 2015 and used all his retirement SAVINGS to purchase the building and some remodeling. Tammy passed away in May of 2016. When Tammy got sick they looked for handicapped accessable apartments, but could not find any in the area. Tammy was looking forward to living in Fredericksburg and being close to relatives.
The city of Fredericksburg has no money to help John and he is in dire need. He has started a GoFundMe page on Facebook. The first $50,000 he intends to start remodeling again as the building will make about twenty apartments.
Honor Tammy with John fulfilling his lost dream for her. Reach John at or send donations to 2977 Odessa Ave, Fredericksburg, IA 50630. Thank you so much.

Patty Beiner (formerly ‘Kate McGuire’ from 92.3 KOEL-FM)