As the final month of the school year draws near, students at Union Middle School and shockingly, even some of their teachers, are getting starting to get lippy. Call it an annual rite of Spring or a unique celebration of pop culture, the school’s annual Lip-Off is designed and destined to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
The concept is a simple one for students who can summon the courage to take the middle school stage and perform a brief lip-sync presentation. Following each week’s perfomances, the school community “votes” for their favorite performers with the currency of their choice. One penny equals one vote. In this competition, voting early and often is encouraged.

Over a three week period, the field of performers is narrowed until only one act remains and a 2015 Lip-Off champion has been crowned. The real glory associated with the annual Lip-Off is not inscribed on a trophy. Nor is there a lucrative “lipping” contract awaiting the winner. The real winners are the beneficiaries of the thousands of pennies that will be collected during the competition and donated for a worthy cause.

Last year, the Lip-Off at Union Middle School raised $3,000 for the American Cancer Society. In 2015, school will continue its fight against cancer. It’s a personal battle for the school community, who lost a staff member, school nurse Pam Miller, to the disease in January 2014.

This week, voting will trim the field in half, from the top twelve acts to just six. Next week, only the top three vote getters will advance to the final round. On May 15, after one last performance by the top three acts, the 2015 Lip-Off champion will be crowned and the money collected from all the votes cast will be forwarded to the American Cancer Society.

Union Middle School will continue to accept donations for the Lip-Off from anyone who would like to make a contribution to the American Cancer Society. Contact the school at 319-476-5100 for more information.