The local city council and school board elections that will take place in November is not likely to induce drama in La Porte City, as each of the seven available seats feature candidates running unopposed. In the City Council race, each of the three incumbents have no challengers. Three of the four incumbents on the Union School Board are also running unopposed, as is newcomer, Ben Schemmel.

La Porte City City Council Member – Four year Terms
(Vote for no more than three):
*Jasmine Gaston, 720 Locust St
*Brett Hakeman, 1010 Hillcrest Blvd
*Kristi J Harrill, 1206 South St

Union Community Schools Board of Directors
Four Year Terms (Vote for one in each district):
At Large
*Corey Lorenzen, 205 Case Rd, La Porte City
District 1
*Brandon Paine, 9751 Bishop Rd, La Porte City
District 3
*Jenna Scott, 408 Blaine St, Dysart 52224
District 4
Ben Schemmel, 3286 210th St, Dysart

* – incumbent