Editor’s Note: Each year, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Post #3983 sponsors an essay contest for fifth grade students at La Porte City Elementary School, entitled “I Love America.” Students are invited to write what they love about our country and the freedoms they enjoy. As part of this special commemorative Memorial Day edition, The Progress Review presents the winning essays for our readers to enjoy.

By Jordan Haas (1st place)

I Love America. I love America because we are free! We have the right to vote and make our own decisions when we are old enough. Slavery is no longer accepted in the United States. Everyone is treated equally and fairly. We also have the privilege to go to school! I love America because soldiers risk their lives for our protection and safety. I love America because we respect the American Flag and all of its ‘values.’ Police and fireman keep our towns safe by enforcing the law. I love America for the, equality, fairness and confidence. I love America!

By Audrey Kline (2nd place)

I love America because of all our rights. Some countries can’t make their own decisions, but America can. America has freedom, we aren’t always told what to do. We have veterans and soldiers to keep us safe, and keep our freedom. America is such a wonderful country because we have gone through a lot, but still made it through. America has lived through all the fights and battles. We love America because it is such a strong country. America is here because of all the people who support it like you and me and our soldiers. America is beautiful. Our flag still stands united.

By Clayton Loeb (3rd place)

I love America because we are a free country and we have new technology. There are no more slaves and other harsh things that everybody has
done to African Americans, we all stick together to make one nation where people are free. Maybe we’re not the same color, maybe we’re not the same race but, that don’t make us different. I also love that we get the free rights to vote and that women get to vote to. I like what people have done to make America what it is today. People have sacrificed their lives for our country. I loved how hard people have worked for our freedom!