The City Council of La Porte City met in regular session on May 9, with much of the business at hand related to upcoming construction projects.
In preparation for the road work associated with the Bishop Avenue reconstruction project, the Council approved the issuance of bonds in the amount of $850,000. Work on the Bishop Avenue project is slated to begin no sooner than June 1. Once work is underway, a detour via King Road will posted for through traffic destined for McFarlane Park, the La Porte City Golf Club and Westview Cemetery.
Other business conducted by the Council focused on a series of resolutions related to lot sales in the Sweet Addition, transferring funds to the appropriate accounts to make the necessary bond payments and lot purchase incentives.
The Council also approved two requests for street closures. On June 16, the La Porte City Chamber of Commerce and Heartland Community Church will host an event at the City Park that will include family games and a kiddie parade, in conjunction with the presentation of the 2016 Jesse Wasson Award. On August 6, Tootsie’s requested the closure of the 200 block of Main Street for a car cruise.