LPC Connect is pleased to announce the Pick-It March Mania college basketball contest. Anyone living in LCP Connect’s serving area is invited to join this contest by filling out a bracket online for the NCAA men’s basketball championship tournament. Then as the games are played and participants earn points for their correct picks, they can watch how their scores compare to others’ brackets in the community.
The contest winner will receive $100 cash from LPC Connect. The second-place finisher receives $50, third place receives $25, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth place finishers will receive $10 each.
Visit lpc.pickitchallenge.com to learn more about how to sign up and play. Participants may pre-register for the contest until March 12, when the brackets are announced. Between the evening of March 12 and the morning of March 16, participants must complete and submit their brackets. The first tournament game is March 16.