La Porte City Elementary School will hold Kindergarten Roundup on Friday, April 26 from 9 – 11 AM. There will be no school for this year’s kindergarten classes on April 26.

An informational packet will be sent to parents during the last week of March. This packet includes paperwork with instructions regarding when and where it should be completed and returned.

Students entering kindergarten next year must be five years old on or before September 15, 2013. The following list of future kindergarten students includes the names of children La Porte City Elementary School already has on file. Parents of children who meet the age requirement are asked to contact the school office at 342-3033, if the name of their anticipated kindergartner does not appear on the list.

Anticipated  La Porte City Elementary School kindergarten students for the 2013-14 school year include: Evan Abrahamson, Brennon Adreon, Kylee Allen, Emily Anton, Madison Bate, Monica Bieman, Danielle Blanchette, Andrew Bronner, Ellie Burns, Aaliyah Byrd, Molly Dulin, Mya Ellsworth, Gavin Frederiksen, Brandon Frush, Lauren Frush, Kacy Grekoff, Reid Griswold, Ella Grote, Jillian Hanson, Henry Hegdahl, Hannah Holman, Nathan Kafter, Alivia Keegan, Lila Laws, Cameron Mullen, Drew Munson, Illian Oberhauser, Jackson Opperman, JoAnna Otten, Addison Pospisil, Ben Rosauer, Madison Rubino, Kellen Satterlee, Sanibel Schmitz, Lily Schmitz, Hali Scott, Grant Severtsgaard, Keagen Shaeffet, Sawyer Spence, Gracie Stamatiades, Nicholas Tharp, Ethan Winnike, Stratton Wood.