La Porte City Elementary placed second at the regional Battle of the Books (BOB) competition and third at the state BOB competition. Students comprising the LPC BOB team were Kaitlyn Brustkern, Mae Deaton, Gabe Hanson, Alana Higgins, Gabriel Jesse (read all 40 books), and Belle Olson. Secretary for the group was Chloe Juhl. Mrs. Van Veldhuizen was the faculty leader and organizer.
Battle of the Books is a collaborative competition for strong readers who enjoy reading a wide variety of books. Teams collectively read 40 books before the regional competition. The 40 books on the reading lists are chosen by educators and represent a wide variety of genres, authors, cultures, and time periods. The competition requires persistence and study. Teams work together for months to prepare for the event, building friendships and collaborative work skills.
At the regional level this year, 40 teams, consisting of students from grades 4, 5, and 6, took part in the competition. They filled the AEA267 conference center in Cedar Falls to capacity with 240 eager readers. After the one-hour written exam, the students enjoyed listening to many great stories about family, pets, and the funny life experiences of Pat Coffie, a local storyteller.
Teams could only utilize the memory of team members in answering questions about the 40 books. The top 5 teams from the written exam then advanced to the oral and final round. At the end of the oral competition, LPC Elementary’s BOB team placed second with 13 points which was only one point behind the winning team.
Top teams from regionals across the state then competed in the State of Iowa’s online BOB completion. Each BOB team answered 100 questions about the 40 books read while finishing within 30 minutes. LPC Elementary’s BOB team placed third, answering 91 out of the 100 questions correctly in 27 minutes and 29 seconds.