By Shawn Mehlert

The 2017 Festival of Trails is in the books. Mother Nature did not cooperate the way we wanted her to this year. However, events were well organized and attended. We believe the 2018 Festival of Trails will be one of the best yet. 

The La Porte City Lions Club would first like to thank the community for supporting this fundraising event. The dollars spent during the Celebration not only help the Lions Club, but also many others that sponsor events during the weekend. Feedback and participation enable us to recognize where and how improvements can be made.

A huge shout out goes to all the Lions Club volunteers as well as the non-Lions Club members that put so much work into this Festival. Many calls are made, hours are spent in meetings and thoughts and ideas are put into motion before the end of the Festival.

Event sponsors outdid themselves this year. The financial support received helps offset many costs that continue to grow every year. Be sure to continue supporting the many businesses in town! They are what help our community and the Lions continue to grow. 

Save the dates – June 14-17 of 2018 for next year’s Festival. As we begin preparing for next year, we’re always looking for ideas, input and organizers for new events to host during the Festival of Trails. If you would like to get involved, contact us online via Facebook or at, or call Shawn at 319-342-3121.