JANUARY 11, 2017
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on January 11, at 4:30pm. Present were Jon Barz, Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Mike Johnson, Bill Matthes and Kathy Strubel.
Mehlert made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Keune. Motion passed 3-0.
December minutes approved, motion made by Keune to accept, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0.
Resolution # 16-28 “Resolution adopting and approving Tax Compliance relating to Tax Exempt bonds.” Motion made by Barz, seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0.
Mehlert amended the January agenda Item # 5 to include an invoice from Esco for $237,500.00 for payment. Seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0.
The board approved to pay invoice for Series 2016 Project to Shermco for $2500.00, Eaton for $564,810.40 and Esco for $237,500.00. Motion to approve by Keune, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0.
The Board reviewed the Wellmark Health Insurance Policy for 3/1/17 – 3/1/18. Barz made a motion to approve the quote, seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0.
Motion to adjourn by Barz seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.
Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary
Advanced Systems maint agreement $59.49
Aflac ins prem $47.72
Altorfer gen maint $1,986.71
Banker’s Trust bond pmt $11,170.00
CVB & Trust taxes, fed/fica $8,575.44
Consolidated Energy
diesel fuel $1,209.14
City of LPC city payback $4,852.51
Coots Material rock $125.06
Dearborn National ins prem $237.00
Delta Dental ins prem $316.20
Deposit Refund dep to customers $136.99
East Central Co-op fuel/salt $5,612.18
Fidelity Security Life ins prem $187.59
Hatch Grading hydrant repair $8,365.89
Hawkeye Alarm alarm system $267.50
IAMU hiss dues $537.67
Ia Dept Rev & Finance Nov sales tax $5,859.94
Ia One Call locates $70.30
Iowa Finance bond pmt $39,245.00
Iowa Workforce unemployment $9.42
IPERS IPERS $4,195.92
Itron maint agreement $1,419.92
Johnson Mike reimburse milage $235.97
Keyston Lab wt test $227.00
Kriz-Davis Co supplies $811.81
La Porte Motor Supply supplies $197.85
LPC Connect phone serv $407.29
LPC Post Office billing $284.98
LPC Printing billing notice $204.50
LPC Utilities – interdept well $15,553.40
Meterring & Tech wt meters $2,868.54
Monkeytown supplies $322.75
Petty Cash petty cash $74.08
RPGI purchased power $62,251.46
Shermco Engineering substation $6,950.00
Terex truck repair $2,167.51
Thriftway supplies $17.95
Urb’s supplies $69.02
USA Blue Book supplies $4,263.22
Utility Equipment hydrants $1,464.27
Veridian exp reimburse $1,842.44
Wellmark health ins $4,569.04
Electric / payroll $123,918.19
Debt Service $50,415.00
Water $45,076.18
GRAND TOTAL $219,409.37
Electric $156,731.33
Water $46,905.98
Interest $26.95
Electric Series 2016-Bond proceeds $2,146,200.00
GRAND TOTAL $2,349,864.26