DECEMBER 14, 2016
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met for the regular board meeting on December 14th, at 4:30pm. Present were Jon Barz, Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Mike Johnson, Bill Matthes and Kathy Strubel.
Mehlert made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Keune. Motion passed 3-0.
Resolution # 16-27 “Resolution authorizing and Approving a Loan Agreement, Providing the Issuance and Securing the Payment of $2,190,000 Electric Revenue Bonds, Series 2016” Motion made by Shawn, seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0.
Resolution 16-25 “Enter into Facilities Construction Agreement” with Mid- American Energy Company was approved and signed. Motion made by Keune, seconded by Mehlert. Motion passed 3-0.
Motion to adjourn by Barz seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.
Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary
A-Tech energy program $83.46
ACCO wt chemicals $633.60
Advanced Systems
maint agreement $65.77
Aflac ins prem $47.72
American Test Center
annual test $900.00
Answer Plus answer service $198.18
Black Hills Energy gas $245.03
Caseys gas $317.09
Cedar Falls Oil power plant $10.00
CVB & Trust taxes, fed/fica $8,531.12
City Laundry laundry service $307.12
City of LPC city payback $1,775.09
Compressed Air supplies $16.84
Data Tech license fee $3,068.48
Delta Dental ins prem $610.08
Deposit Refund
dep to customers $1,270.00
Ditch Witch lease pmt $6,810.00
East Central Co-op salt $104.11
Electrical Examination
el license fee $375.00
Fidelity Security Life ins prem $62.53
GIS Benefits life ins $132.60
Ia Dept Rev & Finance
Oct sales tax $5,898.54
Ia One Call locates $136.40
IPERS IPERS $4,126.15
Keyston Lab wt test $24.00
Kriz-Davis Co supplies $85.34
La Porte Motor Supply supplies $92.90
LPC Connect phone serv $407.86
LPC Post Office billing $801.79
LPC Printing billing notice $103.50
LPC Utilities refund to acct $289.00
LPC Utilities – interdept well $3,539.02
Manatts street repair $1,432.08
Motoread Mayhem repair $252.33
Oberhauser Robyn reimburse $36.94
RPGI purchased power $65,964.86
Engineering substation $11,832.00
Strubel Kathy reimburse supplies $44.82
Stuart C Irby
Cap Project U/G $94,903.26
Thriftway supplies $5.25
Urb’s supplies $223.57
USA Blue Book supplies $80.15
Utility Equipment hydrants $8,363.72
Virginia Transformer
cap project transformer $327,064.00
Wellmark health ins $13,551.56
Wesco Distribution
Transformer connectors $288.15
Electric / payroll $553,228.98
Water $31,822.43
GRAND TOTAL $585,051.41
NOVEMBER REVENUE Electric $148,388.46
Water $46,020.27
Debt Service $50,415.00
GRAND TOTAL $244,823.73