NOVEMBER 29, 2016
The La Porte City Utilities Board of Trustees met in special session on Tuesday, November 29, at 4:30pm. Present were Jon Barz, Shawn Mehlert, Tami Keune, Robyn Oberhauser and Kathy Strubel. Guest speaker was Maggie Burger from Speer Financial.
Mehlert made a motion to adopt the agenda, seconded by Keune. Motion passed 3-0.
Maggie Burger presented the board with information on the proposed Electric Revenue Bond purchase. Resolution # 16-26 “Approving a Bond Purchase agreement for $2,190,000.00” Motion made by Keune, seconded by Mehlert. Passed 3-0.
Resolution 16-25 “Enter into Facilities Construction Agreement” with Mid American Energy Company was tabled till the next board meeting.
Motion to adjourn by Mehlert seconded by Keune. Passed 3-0
Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.
Kathy Strubel, Recording Secretary