La Porte City Flood and Property Map Apps Now Available Online

Looking for information about La Porte City properties? Want to know more about flood zones in and around city limits? Thanks to new ArcGIS map apps now available on the City’s website, such information is readily accessible.
ArcGIS is a collaborative web geographic information system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographic data.
These new apps will allow the City to consolidate and organize a wide range of information about its infrastructure into one online system. Some of the tools now available include the location and condition of its street signs, storm and sanitary sewers. The system also provides accesss to a map of current flood zones in and around La Porte City.
Because many of these map apps are designed specifically for use by city personnel, the general public’s access to some of them is restricted.
Two apps, though, offer open access for all. The Properties App allows users to search for La Porte City properties by name or address. Clicking on a parcel on the map opens a dialogue box containing a summary of information about the property. The Floodplain App is a map of the various flood zones in and around La Porte City a useful tool that can also be searched by name or address.