By Pastor Mike Ashman  Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee  Rural La Porte City

This morning I woke up, looked out the window and said, “not again.” The grass was cover with snow that had fallen during the night. I wondered how much longer could this go on and went down to my office only to discover that it was still snowing. In the words of the immortal Charlie Brown, “Ugh.”

How many times did poor Charlie try to kick the football that Lucy was holding, only to have the football snatched away at the final second. As Charlie flew through the air, he screamed, both inside and out. But he never gave up. Charlie always had hope.

As Christians, we define ourselves as people of hope. Paul took a journey all the way back to Abraham, finding hope in the ancestors who lived and died as people of the promise. God cut a covenant – made a promise to the people that god would never abandon them.

During the time of Easter, we are reminded that Jesus created a new covenant in his death and resurrection that nothing will be able to separate us from God’s love, a promise that was signed, sealed and delivered as the women ran from the tomb with the Good News. Jesus was alive. This meant that our whole reality has changed, well sorta.

Like good ol’ Charlie Brown, we still often find ourselves flat on our backs with no football in sight. We find that we have not lived up to expectations, not ours, not theirs (add whatever group you might belong to), or God’s. We lined up our goals, hopes and dreams just to see them whisked away. Sometimes life isn’t fair, at least in our eyes.

Easter bears the promise that God has the final victory. Repeat. God has won the victory over evil and death, a victory God shares with us. We simply share in this victory. His victory is not just the sweet by and by – but right here and right now. Let it snow. Let it rain. In the end, God is faithful. There will be new life. There will definitely be new life.