By Christopher Simon

Admit When You’re Wrong

Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.   ~ Proverbs 28:13

One of the barriers to good relations is when people dig their heels in and refuse to admit when they are wrong. Many an argument could be shortened by the offending party simply admitting his offense and sincerely asking for forgiveness.

In fact, many arguments could be avoided by apologizing or admitting ahead of time that you might be wrong. It is always a good disarming tactic to let people know that you could be wrong about something, or to offer your apologies in advance for what you are about to do.

Moreover, people who refuse to apologize even when they know they are wrong, or who offer insincere apologies are seen as pride-filled, dishonest, and not interested in smooth relations.

If you want to get along with your family, friends and colleagues, be quick to admit when you’re wrong. This advice also applies to your relationship with God. That is, admit to God when you have sinned and accept His forgiveness just as readily.