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By Reverend Ray Atwood Prince of Peace Cluster: La Porte City, Eagle Center, Traer

Wisdom and foolishness

“Watch carefully how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity, because the days are evil.”
~ Ephesians 5:15

These words apply as much to our society as they did to the First Century citizens of Ephesus to whom Paul wrote. One example of foolishness can be found in Texas. The school principal, Holly Ray, has determined that parents who walk on the grounds of Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia are now trespassing. This would make parents who personally escort their children to school trespassers who can be arrested and prosecuted. Several parents have already been threatened with arrest if they walk on school property. Parents now have two choices: either send their students on a bus or wait in a long line to pick them up.
This principal is supposedly acting in the children’s best interest (don’t they all?) and out of concern for student safety. But when are parents who walk their children to school real threats to public safety (apparently when they are declared so by administrators)? Perhaps the principal does not realize that nearly 400 children 15 and older are killed by automobiles every year. Isn’t this policy endangering more students?
One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is wisdom, which tells us how to act as God would in a given situation. One of the moral virtues is prudence, which tells us how to behave rightly in a given situation. These divine gifts come from a prayer-filled and Spirit-directed life. I don’t know anything about this principal, but I do know that prudence and wisdom are lacking in this policy. Parents are the first educators of their children, and (apart from abusive situations) should be trusted to escort their students to and from school.
Prayer and daily life go together. If we pray and are open to the Holy Spirit, we are more likely to make sound decisions that promote the common good, i.e., the good of everyone. Let us pray for more of God’s Spirit and for more common sense (another God-given gift desperately needed today!). Both will make 21st-Century society more tolerable.