By Pastor Paul Wood   St. Paul United Methodist Church, La Porte City

“Honour your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord God is giving you.” ~ Exodus 20: verse 12

When God gave His commandments to Moses, he was setting in place a set of guidelines that would help the people of Israel a life without sin and to serve and love others. In the verse above God was not just saying to love one’s parents but to also honour authority and to understand obedience and service. Today we see a society that has lost its sense of values and what it is to serve others. Many answer the call to be EMT professionals, others are called to be firefighters and others are law enforcement officers. Yet many in this nation see their role to attack and punish the law officers. We are all human and at times the pressures of facing daily dangers cause some law officers to go beyond their guidelines. Yet we need the agitators, the troublemakers, those who have no respect for law and order, those who seek to attack and murder officers to be given a new awareness of the brutality of their actions. We, as a society, need to take a stand to protect all law officers and help society return to respecting and supporting all those who place their lives in danger each day to protect them.

There are many who are split by their political leanings or their obsession with political correctness as too how we should create society today. Those who are on the political left, those who are the “new generation” of the laissez faire approach to life that is anything goes and do not bother with the consequences. There are those on the right who seek a more authoritarian approach to treatment of law breakers. There is a need for all parties to come together and work to bring peace and reconciliation, instead of having the hate mongers spread their words of distrust and hate and violence.

With the rise in single parent families, parents who must work to the detriment to their children, parents who have no sense of right or wrong and allow their children to wander the streets at evening time. It is not unusual these days to see children as young as 8 and 9 on the streets at midnight. Daily we see parents allowing their children to vandalise, attack, bully and cause wanton mayhem and violence. Who have limited vocabulary with the use of the “f…” word as a norm? who condone the lawlessness of their families.

I am not saying this is true of all parents and there are so many who struggle with daily life yet show their children the rights and wrongs, who teach their children how to respect authority, how to have social skills.

Today we see the backlash from law enforcement saying in their minds “why should we do our duty when the PC brigade is eager to demonize us.” Why was it satisfactory for the unruly mobs to assault, shoot and even throw water over police officers, without any recourse? With a society that now is fast becoming dependant on the state, who say “why should I work or take pride in my community or my family.” Are we on a downward spiral into an anarchic society? It is time to take a stand and make a start in re-educating parents and children into what it is to have respect, honour and knowledge of right and wrong.

Blessings, Pastor Paul