By Christopher Simon

Knowing Many Things

Modern technology has made it possible for virtually everything that is known to be accessible at the push of a few buttons. Just ask your question and the search engine provides you with an assortment of answers. But, what has this access to instant knowledge gained for us? Are we better off because we can settle factual disputes quicker, and has this knowledge made us wiser, or just lazier? Does this instant knowledge makes us better human beings, and here I think the answer is that it can, by making us more aware of the suffering and plight of people around the world, and able to reach out to them, charitably or otherwise, at a moment’s notice. And while having access to such vast amounts of information can make us lazier about acquiring knowledge the old-fashioned way (by reading or doing our own research), it also allows us to have a broader, more synthetic view and to be more connected to the rest of humanity. And we should always remember that truth is One. Knowing many things can blind us to the ultimate fact about our existence, that we owe our very being to the one true God.