By Pastor Jenna Couch     Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee

What’s Your Calling?

Theologian Frederick Buchner once said, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” This quote is one of my favorites when it comes to the concept of being called because it helps define, perhaps a little more clearly, what it really means to be called. It’s kind of a tricky thing to name it.
Reflect on this statement for a moment. What kinds of things in this world bring you great joy?
Lately, when I think of an example of someone whose deep gladness helps feed the world’s hunger; I think of Kid President. For those of you not familiar with him, he’s a 10-11 year old boy who makes these awesome videos that tend to get shared on social media quite a bit. He has a YouTube channel with his videos, as well as a Facebook and Twitter page you can follow.
At a young age, he already has quite a prophetic voice in this world. And it’s a voice this world needs to hear. In his videos, his joy is incredibly evident, and even contagious, as he spreads his message about how to make this world just a little more awesome. Some of his messages or quotes on his page include:
Stop whining; start shining (a message we could all take to heart more often in this world!)
Start making the whole world better by making right where you are a little better.
Resolution idea; what if we all made it our resolution to make this year awesome for somebody else?
Heroes are just ordinary people who do extraordinary things and inspire other people to do extraordinary things.
In his video “For the Heroes: A Pep Talk from Kid President,” he highlights some awesome things that people are doing from all around the world; from a 12 year old boy named Nathaniel who is not okay with the fact that there are people who don’t have access to clean water and is working to raise money for people in central Africa to get access to clean water- to 55 year old Bob, who is working in Uganda to help build a school there so that the kids know they’re loved. One of the things he says in this video really struck me. He said, “Kids can change the world, and grownups can change the world; but it’ll go a whole lot faster if we work together! Heroes are made when ordinary people like you and me decide to be extraordinary!”
It’s clear that Kid President’s calling is to inspire others to help make the world more awesome. Though his messages aren’t blatantly religious, he is a great example of how God can call and work through even the youngest of people to make a difference in this world.
God calls each and every one of us in this world. God calls us individually as the people that we have been created to be, and God also calls us corporately, as the Church: the one Body of Christ.
Today, I leave you with a couple of questions to consider. How has God called you as an individual, and as part of something larger than yourself? What great joy of yours would respond to a need of this world? Listen to where God is calling you. May your response be that of Samuel’s in 1 Samuel 3:9 “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”