By Pastor Nathan Richardson   Heartland Community Church, La Porte City

The Voice: Choose Life

Have you ever watched The Voice? It is a popular singing completion on NBC. It is different than American Idol as The Voice has coaches instead of judges. The opening round is called Blind Auditions. The coaches are facing away from the stage and listen to the singer. If they like what they hear they turn the chair around. If they do not they stay in place.
This is obviously nerve racking for the singer. They are hoping the coaches turn around. After they are done singing, the coaches try and persuade the singer to join their team. Once on their team, they want to help them become the best singer possible. They encourage, teach and help them reach their potential. There is a big difference between being a coach and a judge. A judge can tear one apart with no consideration of a relationship with the other. But a coach lifts up because they are on the same team. Everyone wants a coach and not a judge. This is why people like Blake Shelton over Simon Cowell.
The singer than has to make a choice who the best coach will be. Choosing the right coach can make or break the competition for the singer and might be the difference between winning or losing in the first round.
The Israelites had a coach in their leader Moses. In Deut. 30:19 the Israelites are about to enter into the Promised Land. Moses is not going with them. He wants to give them one last piece of advice to help lead their decisions.
“I have set before you today life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life…”
To me it seems like an easy choice. But we see people making choices of drug and alcohol abuse, making poor decisions that will not add to life but only take away.
Making choices are an important part of The Voice and life in general. Choices can build up or tear down, bring life or death. I heard a pastor speak on choosing life so I would like to use that here. It uses four questions to help you choose life.
LORDSHIP: Who/what is in control? Are you the decision maker? Are you in control? Does it make you a different person? Are you willing to follow someone that wants the best for you?
INVESTMENT: Who/what is most important? How do you spend your time? How do you spend your money? With time and money you can see what is important.
FELLOWSHIP: Who/what is with me? The people you surround yourself with can build up or tear you down? Or you can have that same effect on others?
EMANCIPATE: Who/what frees me? Are you controlled by something/someone?
I truly believe if you ask yourselves these questions and seek out the answers through the Bible that it would change you life. It would give you life.