During this series of articles during the month of January, I would like to take a look at La Porte City and point out just a few things that we should be incredibly thankful for. Individually these things might not be special just to La Porte City, but when you combine them all together and place them in one city, then it all adds up to make our city a very special place.
So let me begin by thanking our city officials. This last year we experienced a significant investment in the water infrastructure in our community. I cannot imagine how many hours were spent in finding funding, designing, meeting with vendors, reviewing plans, making changes, and worrying about how the community would handle the inconvenience.
While I don’t know for certain, I can only imagine how many letters, phone calls, individual discussions they had with people complaining about the inconvenience, the noise, the dust, and even the color of the water tower. I am sure that these complaints came at them from all sides including while they were trying to work at their regular jobs, phone calls at their homes when they sat down for supper, being stopped on the street, etc.
I want to say a great big, “THANK YOU!” for the endurance of our city officials to make an enormous difference in our community. Water is something that we Americans simply take for granted and too many of us get upset when we experience a short period of time of having to take a little detour. What our city officials have done is ensure that we will have this precious resource for generations to come. And as a result of their foresight, may all of our faucets continue to flow for many decades to come! And in the unlikely event of a true emergency, then let me be the first to give thanks that our new water system will keep water coming long after the old one would have left us high and dry.
To all of the city officials that weathered the storm and did the right thing for our future, I just want to say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”