By Harold Martin

On the Road Again

By the time that 1/24th (two weeks) of the year has elapsed, we know that we are “on the road again.” We are poised on an unformed space/time edge, peering into a grand canyon of hopeful potential. It is a quivering moment.

As time unfolds, the future seems to flow over us, bearing our souls along on a river of spirit, creating, forming, and shaping tomorrows. Whether we consciously choose to contribute ourselves or not to this flowing stream, it carries us along its creating journey.

Only a few weeks ago people were shouting “Happy New Year” in the middle of the night.  Sometimes that joy comes to us from outside of ourselves, born of various experiences:  birthdays, wedding anniversaries, ending of education semesters, and perhaps of new ones, etc. We human beings are privileged to have a conscious awareness of time. Creation itself follows patterns of beginnings (births), shades of existence, and fadings into deaths. We see it, we know it, and we celebrate the cycles.

Those of us who live out of a faith base have a deep sense that something exists before creation, and perhaps after creation. We sense spirit from within ourselves, and also something that is there before and after ourselves. We name it—her, him, or God. Our God is experienced through creating cosmic love expressed in, through, and within Jesus of Nazareth. That Spirit is “on the road again” in, through, and within us.