By Pastor Mike Ashman  Zion Lutheran Church – Jubilee, Rural La Porte City

Dear Friends,

Not more than a month ago, I heard a steady chorus of “I can’t wait for summer.” Farmers were getting impatient. Gardeners were in a constant state of alert, watching their thermometers with their sheets in hand. In a matter of a short period of time, we went from the furnace to the air conditioner. The next few days will see temps topping the ninety-degree mark.

We have been picking very nice strawberries which we have shared. We have been taking the cream of the crop for our friends and neighbors. And guess what? We still have more than enough as we froze another 12 containers. We can’t wait for raspberry season – and then tomato – and then watermelon, to share God’s blessings with our community. The only exception here is zucchini. Even as we watch the small squash growing, we realize this treat will be mostly ours.

Recently while re-taking a class on the Old Testament, we were introduced once again to the abundance of God. If we take a good look around, most of us lack nothing that we really need. Yet amazingly I find people who skimp and save their entire live, and to what end? I am reminded of my mother’s aunt who lived her entire life in this manner. Upon her death her wealth was divided between strangers. Her funeral was attended by a few remaining family members, no friends, no acquaintances, no community. So, my dear friends, what did she gain by such a life?

Before we know it, cooler breezes will take away our breath. We will harvest the abundance that God has provided. Let us be reminded that we should nurture all of all God’s blessings, not only the crops we watch grow, but also the neighbors who live down the road – and across the globe. God is good. All the time, God is good – and gracious.