By Rev. Mike Gudka   St. Paul United Methodist Church, La Porte City

Why Am I here?

During the month of March, I am going to explore what is commonly called a “personal world-view.” Whether you think you do or don’t, you do have one. But you might not have identified exactly what your personal world-view is. A personal world-view is formed from our experiences, our parents and family values, our learning throughout our lives, and it drives our personal perspective or point of view of the way the world works.

So this week we will explore the question “Why Am I Here?” This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. It sets your goals, it defines what satisfies you, and it always motivates you to act and react in certain ways.

For instance, some would have you believe that you are simply an accident. An accident that started in some primordial sea when some strands of basic proteins accidently came together, and then just kept accidently clumping together until they finally drug themselves out of the sea. And you are a result of all these accidents. One of the great proponents of this idea was fortunate to have a new baby. He stated that as he held and looked at this newborn baby, he came to the conclusion that she was nothing more than a complex machine. Wow! How is that for encouragement from your parent?

Others will define why they are here by looking to the culture for answers. For instance they believe that they are here to acquire stuff, become famous, or become rich. We see this belief in the popular bumper sticker that reads, “In the end, the one with the most toys wins.” We see this bumper sticker and laugh. But think about the ramification of this world-view. It is self-centered, takes from others, and you never really ever achieve any satisfaction. This is because there is always more money to make and more stuff to acquire.

But what if you are here to do something that is so great it will be heard across the heavens? What if you had the world-view that you are here with a specific purpose that was set before the beginning of time by the God who created everything? A God that only wants the best for you and will lead the way to get you through to this purpose, regardless of the bad stuff this fallen world throws at you.

Wouldn’t be exciting to go on this journey to see what God has in store for you? Isn’t this a much more fulfilling world-view than seeing yourself as a complex machine? Imagine being set free from all the stress of acquiring stuff and living life with complete joy and satisfaction knowing that the Lord God of the entire universe knew you before time began and has something incredible for you to do

So my prayers are for you this week to explore this question, “Why Am I Here?” Are you just going through the motions like an accidental complex machine; or are you living life to its fullest knowing just how truly special and unique you are?