By Interim Pastor Rick Biedermann    American Lutheran Church, La Porte City

In or Out

It seems like too often the church (which means Christians) attempt to make decisions about who is in and who is out. We are always tempted to draw lines between us and others. It is done by religion, by denominations, by political party, by class, by race, by gender, by age, by nationalities. And too often people make judgments about who is saved and who is not. Most people know the verse, “Judge not, lest you be judged.” Later Jesus asks why we are so concerned about the speck in someone else’s eye when we don’t even notice the log in our own eye. We need to deal with the log in our own eye first. (Matthew 7:1, 3-4)
We need to leave the judging up to God. Jesus spent most of his time with the people who were judged by the religious people as being unfit and not welcome. And they didn’t mind being around Jesus. Evidently they did not feel judged or excluded by the Son of God. During this heated political climate, or at any time for that matter, let us try and be less judgmental and more accepting of others.