By Rev. Doug Rokke    American Lutheran Church, La Porte City

“Easter Isn’t Over”

“Behold I make all things new!”
~ Revelation 21:56 RSV

A little over a month ago we celebrated Easter. By now most people have taken down the decorations and put away the Easter eggs till next year. Around us the leaves are out on the trees and the grass is green. By this time of year it is beginning to look more like summer than spring. For most people the thoughts about Easter and the Resurrection are something of the past.
However, Easter isn’t over. Technically, for those who follow a church calendar, Easter continues until May 24th which is the day of Pentecost. But really the message of Easter and the Resurrection continues year round. In fact every Sunday is meant to be a celebration of the Jesus’ Resurrection. That’s why we celebrate Sunday as our holy day rather than Saturday like in the Old Testament. That’s also why the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter is really more than forty days, because Sundays aren’t counted. As I said every Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.
Personally I’m glad that while the season of Easter may come and go that the message does not. So when we face adversity, when we struggle with some sin, or when we face the reality of death we can be assured that we have a risen Lord. He offers us his grace throughout our lives. And he continues to make us and all things new. May he renew your life again this spring, just as we look forward to the day when he will make all things new forever.