By Pastor Chad Adelmune, Heartland Community Church, La Porte City

Savage Jesus – Part 2

As we pick up this week in our savage Jesus series we will be touching on the topic of validation and we need to remember, God’s love for you is never based on your performance.

Before He ever performs His first miracle, the Heavenly Father speaks a word of validation, and maybe you need to hear that God’s love for you is never based on your performance. Before He ever did anything. It’s kind of like He got the trophy before He even showed up for practice. It’s kind of like God does not validate how people validate, because people will validate you based on what you do for them. People validate you based on the value that your actions carry that will contribute directly to their wellbeing, but God does not validate based on performance. He validates based on relationship. He did not validate what Jesus would do, He validated who He was.

I am writing this after our Mother’s Day service and I had two moms give the message this week, their testimonies were the proof of validation we seek from people that is not from God. They talked about how moms compare themselves to each other and they notice things other moms are better at than they are. We do this all the time and we start to change who we are to receive validation from other people. The problem with this is, God didn’t make us to be like anyone else and we lose our identity when we start acting and living like other people. You are who God made you to be, flaws and all. Embrace this truth and don’t conform to this world and who people say you should be.

And just in case you haven’t heard it in a while, and you feel dirty, and kind of ashamed of yourself, and you feel like you don’t belong in the presence of God. And kind of like you’re not one of those good church people. I want you to know you’re still His child, you’re still made in His image, you’re still bought with His blood. And you don’t have to stand here ashamed, and look forward to one day when you know the bible better, you stop drinking or smoking, you get yourself better. Listen to me! If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, God will never love you any more than He loves you right now! You’re free right now! Loved right now! Cleansed right now! Healed right now! You are His child!

And if you haven’t accepted Jesus yet, He is here right now and you can lay everything down in this moment at the cross. If that’s you, say this prayer with me, “Jesus I need you.. I confess I am a sinner and I need your forgiveness. I believe you died on the cross to offer me this forgiveness and a new life. I believe you raised from death on the third day. I give my life to you right now and promise to follow you all the days of my life.

If you prayed this for the first time, know there is a celebration happening in Heaven right now you can’t begin to imagine! Come back next week as we continue our Savage Jesus series.