By Rev. Doug Rokke   American Lutheran Church, La Porte City

Four Psalms for May:  Psalm 91 “The Lord is my Refuge, My God in whom I trust”

In front of our house there are two tall, slender evergreen trees. I believe they are some type of Juniper. They don’t look like they could hold or hide many things in their branches. However this past winter when I walked by them a whole bunch of sparrows flew out of them. For those birds these two simple trees were a source of refuge from the cold and a hiding place from predators.
As I thought of those birds and their surprising refuge, it raised the question of where do we go to find refuge? Where is our hiding place? As we face the cold realities of life where do we turn to find help and comfort from the elements around us?
Certainly there are many options in our world as to where we might turn for refuge. But as we read and pray Psalms like Psalm 91 we are reminded of a refuge we can go to.  In this case the writer says that “those who dwell in the shelter of the most high, will say to the Lord my refuge, my God in whom I trust.” In writing these words the Psalmist is not only trying to give a description of the kind of refuge we may find in God, but it is also an invitation for us all to put our trust in him.
May is a month when we remember those who graduate from high school or college. It is a time when many end another year of school. As they do, and as we all go forward in our lives let us pray that God would continue to be our refuge and the one whom we all trust to lead us on.