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By Christopher Simon
The Power of Posture

“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” ~ Isaiah 7:9 NIV

The Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy has done a variety of interesting studies on the
power of posture. Her research demonstrates that standing tall and engaging in various “power poses” can actually improve our performance. It won’t endow you with knowledge you don’t already have or allow you to have superhuman strengths, but standing like a superhero will allow you to make the most of your inherent abilities and knowledge. One of the interesting things to come out of her research is the finding that you can do these “power poses”in private for relatively short periods of time (as little as one or two minutes) and see improvements in your performance. The standard power pose is simply standing tall, putting your hands on your hips (arms akimbo), pulling your shoulders back (to thrust out your chest), and holding your head up. Pretty easy to do, and we are also warned that “powerless poses,” such as being hunched over and dropping your head can lead to poorer performances.
Let’s face it, when we look and feel confident, we are more likely to perform well, and God wants us to do and be well. So stand up tall and hold your head high. You can do it!