By Pastor Mike Ashman,   Zion Lutheran Church-Jubilee

Dearest Friends,

The past weeks the parsonage has felt more like a B & B with guests coming and going. With my mother’s 89th birthday, we celebrated with our family and friends for a whole week. Instead of feeling exhausted for the next week, she has found a new source of energy as she has cleaned the berry patch and the house along with switching out her winter and summer clothes.

Where is this new-found energy coming from? First, she feels blessed in many ways. Since moving to our new locale, she has found a new circle of friends. Back home she had lost almost her whole support group with the exception of my cousin. This new circle of friends has given her a new sense of purpose and worth. This group also has given her a spring in her step as they have told her just how special she is – not something she has received in her life.

Mom has also embraced that is a healthy 89 year-old which means that she does as much as she possibly can. Yes, she does get frustrated that almost everything takes two to three times as long as it did before. Tying shoestrings become a major task. She also still skirts around the house preparing meals and cleaning – accomplishing as much as possible.

We have a found a true community who cares here in our church and environs. I remind everyone who touches our life they are a gift from God. By sharing a simple smile, we make the world a better place. Rather than focusing on what separates us, we are asked to see all the many more things that bind us together as human beings. God calls us to lift up each other using the love and strength that was given to us.

Thanks be to God for each and every one of you – you are truly a blessing.

Pastor Mike Ashman