By Pastor Nathan Richardson,  Heartland Community Church

When my family moved to La Porte City we were welcomed with open arms, not only at Heartland Church but the rest of LPC as well. It was not long before we really felt it was home and that we belonged here in LPC. Belonging is important. We all want to feel like we matter to the people we spend our lives with. It starts with welcoming but goes far beyond that. It is about feeling accepted and secure.
Each year we live here we become more accustom to the ritual and traditions of LPC. We can set our clocks to the sirens and our calendars to Festival of Trails, Union Football, and the Fire Dept Fish Fry. As a parent of a three year old we frequent the parks and are able to ride our bikes to Tootsies and the Bakery. Everything is close. We sure love this town.
Belonging in community is vital to LPC life. This past summer the community became a little more tight knit as the churches worked together to host a Vacation Bible School. I was able to meet and form many new friendships; I cannot wait until we partner again next summer. We were also able to host RAGBRAI as they rode through our town. It was truly a day to remember.
Our community also has resources like LPC Community Food Pantry hosted here at Heartland but supported by all the churches. We have a community center where we deliver meals on wheels to the elderly and Crosslines that will help our community with Vouchers for Gas, Groceries or a night at the Motel. Heartland will even start up a Celebrate Recovery for those that are looking for help with their addiction. Many resources are provided in our community but maybe you were just unaware of what the community had to offer.
Maybe there is something that we need to do as a community to support the evolving needs of our town. So I am looking to hear from you. What are the needs that go unmet? How can the churches and community come together to support each other? Do you feel like you belong or do you feel misunderstood? Do you feel like you are missing out on something? How can we support you? Please email me at or call/text 319-540-5727. I look forward to hearing from you.