By Pastor Mike Ashman  Zion Lutheran Church, Jubilee

As we sit in dust, we watch the South get pelted with storms. We see people clinging on for their lives.  Others starting to rebuild their lives from the ground on up. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all. We need to recall that we are called on to be community.  As Christians, the vision of community runs deep and wide, maybe deeper and wider than some might wish.  In the prophet Isaiah, God’s calls us to look beyond ourselves, to be God’s hands and feet, and even mouth in this world.

I still remember one day when my Mom and Dad were trying out their “new” car.  Dad loved to take the back roads. On one of those back roads, a tire decided to go flat. Senior Citizens. No Cell Phone. Along came a gruff stranger on a motorcycle. Without a word, he retrieved the tools from the trunk of the car and fixed the flat. Refusing money, he gave my parents a nod and proceeded on his way.

May God open our eyes, offering us opportunities to share. God has truly blessed us – may we also bless one another.