By Pastor Nathan Richardson   Heartland Community Church, La Porte City

Causes can be Risky

Last week we talked about the cause of Christ. We discussed his cause as bringing Jubilee by bringing “Good News to the poor; proclaiming that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” We closed by saying that Jubilee is a work of grace. This act brought us new life.
This passage we looked at comes from Luke 4. If you continue to read it you will find that the people who heard Jesus read this quote from Isaiah were not happy about him proclaiming to be the Messiah. They were so upset that they chased him out of town and took him to a cliff to throw him off.
Jesus proclaiming who he was brought risk. But it was time to start to reveal himself to the world, to start his ministry on the earth that would eventually bring him to death on the cross.
Standing up, fighting for a cause can bring risk. Jesus was not thrown off the cliff that day. He was able to slip through the crowd and went on his way. Eventually though Jesus was willing to take the ultimate risk. He would literally “lay down his life for his friends.”
Risk does not mean you should give up your cause. Every cause deserves a response. If something is important enough to care about, than it is important enough to act upon. One of the things Heartland is acting upon is helping to sponsor a village in Sierra Leone. Last year we helped them build a pineapple farm. This year we are setting out to help dig a well. Honestly this is not much of a risk for Heartland, but every cause that Heartland takes on will be acted upon.
What is your cause? What is important to you. If it is important enough for you to care about it is important enough to act upon. So stand up, fight for, and act upon your cause.