By Pastor Mike Ashman, Zion Lutheran Church – Jubilee

We moved here six months ago. Our cat has made the easiest transition; she declared this house her new home within hours of arrival.  She found her poop pan, she found her grandma’s bed, she found that Daddy and Grandma were staying. She was home.  

We human beings found it more difficult. We tripped over boxes and each other. We searched boxes for lost items, some we have never found. Just this past week, Mom out of nowhere declared that she is beginning to feel at home. On the other hand, I lived in the Upper Peninsula for ten years and never received “Yooper” status.

We as Christians have a long legacy to searching for home. We recount our ancestors in faith; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as wanderers in search of a homeland. God had promised Abraham a home, but when only when his beloved Sarah died did he ever own a piece of land, a burial cave.

How fitting is this narrative for our own journeys here? We travel through this life. We acquire property and all kinds of stuff. Though, we are reminded that all that we have is a gift from God. By the time we are prepared to leave, we have one possession – our own grave. But we are people of the promise. We are given the promise that the grave does not hold the final word; that belongs to God and it is a word of life. With a single word, God will finally call us home.