By Christopher Simon

Getting over it

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” ~Isaiah 43:18 NIVSometimes our reaction to bad events, and our inability to “get over” the event exacerbates the
problem. We all have losses that hit us hard, whether the loss is something material, such as money, or something more personal, like a loved one.

We should learn from our material losses so as not to repeat them, for instance, learning that it’s not wise to panic when the stock market is down and sell your stocks at a loss. And when the loss is something more serious, like losing a family member, we need to take time to grieve and process our feelings. Failing to do so may keep us from ever really getting over it.

Sometimes the things we need to get over are things which caused us to get angry or resentful. We can harbor feelings of bitterness or desires for revenge for years, or even decades, which can be incapacitating and inhibit us from getting on with our lives. We may not be able to forget the harm that was done to us, but forgiving the person who we believe wronged us is usually a good thing to do for our own emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Asking God to help us forgive the other person is often the only way to get over our bitterness.

Life will go on whether we get over the bad experience or not. The real question is the quality of our life, and that may depend on our getting over it sooner rather than later.