By Rev. Doug Rokke, American Lutheran Church, La Porte City

“Train a child in the right way and when old they will not stray.”  Proverbs 22:6 (NRSV)

 It’s been almost fifty years since I attended Sunday School in the country church where I grew up. And yet after all these years I can remember most of my teacher’s names and who they were in our rural community. More importantly I can remember many of the things they taught me. I can’t tell you which teacher taught me the things I learned, but I know they taught me about Jesus and about being a person of faith.

Many of those teachers probably did not realize the gift that they gave to me and other children in Sunday School. But really they were gifts for a lifetime and for eternity. What a great blessing it was for them to give their time in that way!

I would guess that many churches will be resuming Sunday school either this week or sometime in September. As they do I would invite you to remember the students and teachers in your prayers. Pray that people would be moved to share their gifts by teaching or helping with Sunday School. Pray for children who attend. And offer a prayer of thanks for all those who are teaching.