By Pastor Nathan Richardson  Heartland Community Church

Do you have a cause, something so important that you are willing to stand up for or even fight for? I hope so. For some of us they define the course of direction we take in life. Teachers want to educate, Doctors want to heal, Social Workers want to help people find resources. I am a Pastor, my cause is to help you to connect with God and the Church in life transforming ways to help you Love God, Love Others and Serve All.
In scripture Jesus used many different ways to connect with others. Sometimes it was simple like going to Levi’s house and eat with his tax collector friends. At another time he was willing to heal a woman from a bleeding disease she had been suffering with for years. And other times it was more complex with the feeding of the five thousand. There are so many stories we could look at of Jesus’ life and be amazed at his love for the hurting. Jesus was willing to go anywhere so people would connect with him. And look at the ways I mentioned, he ate with people, healed people physically and fed those who were hungry. He helped people in tangible ways.
Jesus met with people where they were at in life. Jesus did not have specific standards they must meet to have an encounter with him. Rather Jesus so desired that they come over to hang out, to be friends. This is the idea of Celebrate Recovery and why Heartland Community Church is inviting the community to take part. As a community we are stronger together. Everyone has hurts, hang ups and habits that we cannot heal or move on from on our own.
We already know, no one is perfect and has room for growth. If you struggle with mental illness, addiction, the loss of a loved one, healing after a divorce, codependency, overeating, or loneliness Celebrate Recovery might be right for you. Please contact me at or call/text me at 319-540-5727.
There are many more causes in the world today? What do you want to see happen in LPC? How can the churches serve you better? We can make this a better community because we are stronger and better together.