SadlerBrentBrent Sadler

Age 32

John Deere

Wife, Mary; children Gracie, Andrew and Chloe

Why are you running for office?

I am running for city council to implement a plan to promote community growth. In doing this, I will gain knowledge on the operation of our city to help build a stronger community and generate income to support a rejuvenated and thriving district. Whether it is entertainment, jobs, restaurant, or a place where you can relax, I want La Porte City to be the place to go. I envision our city with a reconditioned look to our main street that is modernized but yet preserves the history and charm of the buildings themselves. I feel we have made positive steps in this direction already and in order for us to continue with our progress, we must generate income. Therefore, we need to establish  programs that provide temporary financial relief for families and businesses that encourage them to build homes, open shops and help us build a stronger, more fruitful community. I understand that my vision for our community does not come over night. This is a vision that will take some time and a lot of hard work. Over the next few years, I will focus on the redevelopment of our main street and the prosperity of our town as a whole.

In four years, how will the community know if you’ve accomplished your goals?

When the day arrives when I walk down Main Street and can stop at any number of businesses to visit, I will be satisfied with the accomplishments we made as a city.