ForneyGaryGary R. Forney

Age 60

Retired Musician, Actor

Wife, Bonnie; sons Joshua and Logan, daughter Laura Lee

University of Northern  Iowa; I starred in a movie that aired on PBS, and Netflix. I wrote songs and did a music video for another film that starred Alice Cooper’s daughter, Calico Cooper; I currently have a song in an off-broadway musical; I was featured in the New York Times in 2003.

Why are you running for office?

I have lived in LPC for 25 years, and have seen the best and worst the city has to offer. I care about what happens here as this is my hometown now. I have seen a few events that concerned me and decided to run for election to see what I could do about things.

In four years, how will the community know if you’ve accomplished your goals?

Inside four years, it is my belief, LPC will either prosper or perish as a city based on what is done now. I hope to prioritize spending to see the city grow. If it has within four years, I feel I will have helped and people will know.