NeilDaveDave Neil


Wife, Vi; children Melanie and Shane

Member of La Porte City Utility Board, Member of La Porte City Lions Club, Volunteer of La Porte City Main Street projects, Director of Iowa Work Force Development, Member of Iowa Board of Regents, Iowa Labor Commissioner, President of Local UAW 838

Why are you running for office?

I am running for mayor of La Porte City because I feel the city needs new leadership. Many streets are in need of repair or rebuilding and the aging infrastructure below the streets need to be replaced or  repaired. La Porte City needs a Capital Improvement Program so priorities are set with thoughtful intent. As a volunteer on the main street project it was recommended to the city council to apply for A Main Street Facade Program. I feel this is necessary so property owners have the option to make our main street more inviting to visitors and citizens alike. Other cities like Oelwein and Charles City have utilized this program. Main Streets are the focal points of any city and I feel the city needs to come together on a plan for the rebuilding of main street roadway through the business district for a more robust economic  environment. Fiscal responsibility is high on my priority list. We must have the best plan for all we do. I will be scrutinizing the budget and looking for savings without jeopardizing our city services.

In four years, how will the community know if you’ve accomplished your goals?

In four years the community will know we have accomplished our goals if we have improved the streets, if we have made a 5 year Capital Improvement Plan for the future and we have an improved economic vitality.