LubbenRickRick Lubben

Age: 54

Attorney at Law

Wife, Kris; children Tyler and Andrea

La Porte City High School (1977); Bachelor of Arts, University of Iowa (1980); Juris Doctor, Drake University (1983);  Member – American Lutheran Church; Ascalon Lodge #393; Black Hawk County Gaming Association

Why are you running for office?

 Three main things prompted me to seek re-election: 1) I would like to see through more street improvements; 2)As a member of the Black Hawk County Gaming Association, I would like to find more projects to improve LPC, funded with Gaming Association grants; and 3)As mayor, I represent La Porte City on the Black Hawk County Emergency Management Commission. The Commission is currently  making decisions about significant changes required by the federal government regarding public safety communications, 911, public safety radios and the radio frequencies used by them. This will require replacement of nearly all of Black Hawk County’s police, fire and ambulance radios as well as an upgrade of the tower/communication system. Improvements to the county’s storm warning sirens is also part of the plan. These changes must be in place by the end of 2015 and they affect all citizens of Black Hawk County. I would like to see that project through as well.

In four years, how will the community know if you’ve accomplished your goals?

Completion of these items should demonstrate that the goals have been met.