Eric Allsup

Age: 40

Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Waterloo

Family: Single

Education: Union High School

Community Involvement: One term on City Council (4 years); Past seasonal work for Public Works and Utilities; 10 yrs. as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for La Porte City.

Why are you running for office?

In the past four years on the council I have many accomplishments. I have a deeper understanding of the budgetary needs of the city. I now possess more knowledge of the necessity of state and federal grants and the challenges that come along with obtaining them. I’m pleased we have obtained the grant from the lsle Capri Casino for the public works building. l’m also pleased with the faÇade grant for Main Street and the continuation of the street repairs in the city. As successful as these improvements have been let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are more challenges ahead for the growth and prosperity of the city and the residence.

What are your goals/priorities for the next four years as they relate to city government?

I believe there should be more community involvement such as a budget oversite committee that meets twice a year when budget is set up in January and again in July to review and evaluate the expenditures that have taken place and are anticipated. This is a new direction from the current mayor’s committee. I would like to expand on the two person council committee to incorporate one or two individuals from the committee. I believe citizens from the rural areas may be considered to be put on the committees, because they volunteer for some organizations. This could provide a better balance of representation for the community and its goals. These committees would provide a balanced voice to provide input and learning of the budgeting process. The final decision would still rest with the city council. My biggest goals would be accountability with city employees, department heads, and every resident. lt is vital to maintain accurate records of our incomes and our expenditures. The city needs to be moving forward and the small groups of individuals should not make decisions for all. We need an Economic Development committee, which we currently do not have. This needs to be set up with six community members in addition to the two council members; three of which are professional representatives such as Business owners, representation from the school, and a realtor. This is for finding and attracting business and housing.

Citing the safety hazards of La Porte City sidewalks in a state of disrepair, what is your response to citizens who feel “laziness has stepped in on the city’s side to not enforce the public to fix the issue?”

As far as sidewalks I believe there are many maintenance issues such as swimming pool, streets, buildings, and park and rec department ideas. The counsel is currently enforcing weeds and junk. lt is the responsibility of the city to fix their own sidewalks before being in a position toenforce the burden upon homeowners. I believe the sidewalks that are in the right-of-way by streets are the Cities responsibility. The department heads will need to enforce some of these issues to remain in compliance with ADA. Also, I would like to see if there is a way to incorporate a rebate system for individuals for replacement of sidewalks, because this may cause undue financial burden on some homeowners.


Mike Johnson

Age: 57

Occupation: Operations Manager La Porte City Utilities

Family: 3 adult sons, 1 granddaughter, 3 grandsons all living in Florida

Education: Graduate of Northwest Iowa Community College Powerline Installer Program, Sheldon, IA. I am a Journeyman Lineman, a Class B Master Electrician, have a grade 2 water distribution license, a grade 2 water treatment license.

Community Involvement: On the Board of Directors for the Resale Power Group of Iowa, Delegate to the Heartland Iowa Area Safety & Support Organization, I have been the Vice President of the Southwest Iowa Safety and Support Group, a member of the Stanton, IA Fire Department and Ambulance Crew, EMT A and Fire Fighter 1 trained for 10 years, past member of the Stanton Industrial Foundation and Stanton Chamber of Commerce. I was also elected to the Sioux Quality Credit Union Board of Directors in 1987 and currently a La Porte City, City Council Member for the past 6 years. During my 10 years with the City of Stanton I worked with the sewer and street departments and I was directly under the City Council so I have a good background in city government and indirect knowledge of departments operated by the City of La Porte City which I believe has helped make decisions that have saved the city money as a council member.

Why are you running for office?

First of all, I would like to thank the citizens of La Porte City for the opportunity to serve as a council member for the past six years. The time has gone by quickly. One of the accomplishments I appreciate is the continuity that we have been able to obtain between the Utilities and the City. I believe as a council member, I along with the other council members and staff, have made significant progress on our roads, city facilities, housing development, downtown restoration and infrastructure. I hope to continue the progress we have made.

What are your goals/priorities for the next four years as they relate to city government?

As Mayor I will work with all the city departments to make sure the city continues to operate in a safe, proficient manner. I do not believe in micro managing our department heads. If the department is having problems I expect our department heads to solve those problems. As far as goals, I want the council to continue to provide incentives to our community growth in new residential and existing housing/commercial improvements. Once our pool and Sweets Addition are paid off I would like the council to consider redoing our Main Street with a combination of new and used bricks, new sidewalks with better access and new street lighting incorporating the town celebration electrical outlets molded into the poles.

Citing the safety hazards of La Porte City sidewalks in a state of disrepair, what is your response to citizens who feel “laziness has stepped in on the city’s side to not enforce the public to fix the issue?”

When I was first elected to the city council the city was informing citizens of sidewalk repair but the majority of the council was not willing to spend the money to fix the sidewalks that citizens did not repair. If I recall correctly, I believe the council decided to spend the city’s limited funds on streets. I guess I looked at it as if the council is not willing to spend the money to enforce the sidewalk repair, threatening to do so didn’t make much sense. But I do believe we can do a better job of sending letters reminding citizens of the possible hazard that exists, on their sidewalk, and that the cities rules requires them to fix those hazards.


Dave Neil

Age: 75

Occupation: Retired

Family: Married to Vi, 2 children, 5 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren

Community Involvement: Past Labor Commissioner of Iowa, past member of the Iowa Board of Regents, member of La Porte City Lions Club, former president of UAW Local 838, UAW International representative, Director of Iowa Workforce Development, past member of La Porte City Utility board

Why are you running for office?

  • Accomplishments of last four years while serving as mayor:
  • Holding the line on property taxes
  • Relieving the citizens of the city of the requirement and cost of un-needed permits and inspections when repairing their property
  • Fixing and resurfacing streets
  • Licensing of golf carts and small recreational vehicles to operate on city streets
  • The building of a new maintainence building
  • Selling all the lots in “Sweet’s Addition”
  • Downtown facade program
  • Contracting out the garbage program, therby freeing city workers to focus on needed infrastructure
  • Hiring of a ‘grade 2’ employee to maintain the sewage treatment plant

What are your goals/priorities for the next four years as they relate to city government?

  • Continuing to hold the line on property taxes
  • Finding cost effective ways to deliver city services
  • Continue the planning for the reconstruction of Main Street and replacing its aging infrastructure
  • Improve signage for visitors of the locations of schools and the museum
  • Find a feasible way to develop the rest of Sweet’s Addition
  • Continue working with the county and Cedar Trails Partnership on replacing the bridge on the bicycle trail
  • Continue working with the Middle Cedar River water project to mitigate flooding risks

Citing the safety hazards of La Porte City sidewalks in a state of disrepair, what is your response to citizens who feel “laziness has stepped in on the city’s side to not enforce the public to fix the issue?”

In response to question of fixing the sidewalk, in four years I recall two issues concerning sidewalks which were fixed by property owners. La Porte City should be a walkable community, therefore safety hazards should be eliminated by property owners.