6th Grade
Science – green pocket folder & lg. green book cover
Social Studies – black pocket folder and XL or jumbo black book cover
Language – yellow pocket folder w/prongs & 2 yellow spiral notebooks
Math – calculator (Casio fx300W or TI 30xIIS or TI-15), blue pocket folder, blue book cover (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function calculator)
Literature – red pocket folder, flash drive, 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Literature II – 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100), red spiral notebook (70 pg)
Family Consumer Science – red pens, pocket folder
General Music – pocket folder
Computer class – 3-ring 1” clearview binder, divider tabs, 11×14 inexpensive, lightweight frame  (more info at orientation), flash drive (used in all classes), headphones/earbuds
Colored pencils
Glue stick
Pens (black and blue)
#2 pencils – 4 dozen
Ruler with centimeters and inches
3-100 ct. pkgs. loose leaf paper
Backpack or bag that fits locker (no rollers)
Optional: Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes
7th Grade
Social studies – 1” 3-ring binder w/5 dividers & loose leaf paper, XL or jumbo book covers
Language – 1” 3-ring binder w/5 dividers & loose leaf paper
Literature – 3×5 notecards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Family Consumer Science – red pens, pocket folder
Math – Calculator – TI 30xIIS or TI-30xs Multiview (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function)
Computer – 1” clearview binder, divider tabs, headphones, flash drive
Colored pencils
Rubber cement
Pens (red, black and blue – no gel pens)
#2 pencils (always have 3-4 at school)
Large markers (pkg. of 8)
3”x5” note cards – 1 pkg. 100
Loose leaf paper
Optional: Flash drive, Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes
8th Grade
Social Studies – folder
Language – 1” 3-ring binder and 3 prong pocket folder, 2 red pens, 2 green pens, page dividers
Math – Calculator – TI 30XIIS or TI-30xs Multiview, notebook, loose leaf paper, folder (Mrs. Schmidt’s class – 4 function)
Literature – folder, 3 prong folder, loose leaf paper, 3×5 note cards (3 pkgs. of 100)
Computer – 2-1” clearview binders, divider tabs, headphones, flash drive
Family Consumer Science – pins, shears, seam ripper, red pens, pocket folder
#2 pencils, colored pencils, and pens (black, blue and red)
Spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper
Felt tip markers
Binder or accordian style folder system to keep work organized
4 jumbo book covers
3×5 notecards (2 pkgs. of 100)
Optional: rubber cement, glue sticks, Kleenex®, Clorox® wipes

• Standard 3.5mm stereo headphones (the size used in a standard portable radio, iPod or computer. These can be purchased for $1 at many dollar stores).
• 1 three-ring binder (1-1/2”)   • Lined, loose leaf notebook paper   • 1 spiral notebook
• Pens and pencils   • Set of 5 multi-colored file folders

Each teacher will distribute a list of supplies needed for a specific class the first day of the course.