By Laurie Driscol

Union Middle School is getting ready to start our 4th annual Lip-Off contest. The Lip-Off contest has been very successful the past three years. Our first year was the “Lip-Off for Haiti” and $1,000 was sent to the Red Cross for earthquake disaster relief. The next two years was the “Lip-Off for Cancer” with a total of nearly $4,000 raised for the American Cancer Society.

This year, we are changing gears and going to help support children with muscular dystrophy attend Camp Courageous. An eleven year old student with muscular dystrophy, Haley, came in on March 1 and talked to students about muscular dystrophy. We learned more about this muscle disease and how affected children are able to have a fun week at Camp Courageous. We also learned it costs $800 for children to attend.

The first round of the Lip-Off is set to begin the week of March 11. Performances are limited to a 30 second lip-sync of a song on the middle school stage for the student-body.  Votes are cast before school the remainder of the week by putting money toward a performance.  Students and staff contribute pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars to the group(s) they want to see perform the next week. A leader board is posted daily so that performers know where their act ranks.  At the end of the week, the performers with the most money-votes move on to the next round. With each week of the Lip-Off, the number of performers advancing  grows smaller, while the length of each performance increases.

For a look at past Lip-Off performances, logon to and click on the “Lip-Off” page, then scroll down and see the performance links.

The Lip-Off has been a lot of fun for the both the staff and the students. It is has been a great way to have some fun, enjoy middle school talent, and raise money for a good cause. The public is always welcome to make a contribution and vote with their money for the favorite middle school student of their choice!