Take a look at the expiration date on the magazines to which you subscribe. You may have subscribed to that publication through a middle school aged student in your neighborhood and it is probably about time to renew. Union Middle School students will start visiting friends and neighbors August 23, helping you renew a current subscription or encouraging you to try a new magazine.

Magazine sales are the major fund raising source for each class from the time they are in middle school until they graduate from high school. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the profits are divided proportionately between the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade class treasuries. The classes then use this money to underwrite a portion of the costs for things like their future Junior-Senior Prom. The remaining seventy-five percent (75%) of the profits are used to underwrite middle school activity programs. Unlike their high school counterparts, middle school extra-curricular activities generate no revenue from the paid admissions of spectators, though still have many of the same costs, such as officials, uniforms, and the like.

Magazine sales offer students the opportunity to develop valuable skills on how to interact with others, honing math and organizational skills to calculate and complete the necessary paperwork. For additional information abouit magazine sales, contact Union Middle School at 800-670-5237.