By Henry Powers

Moped owners and car owners are going back and forth about parking privileges because of what’s in the handbook about it.

The handbook terminology mentions only cars without any information about mopeds.
According to the The UHS Student Handbook states, “Cars should not be parked so that they block another car, block the drive, or cover the sidewalk so that snow cannot be removed. Violations will result in loss of parking privileges. Cars illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expenses.”

The administration has not recently considered adding anything to the handbook for the students regarding mopeds, but it is something that they could “look into.”

UHS principal Jim Cayton and assistant principal and activities director Wayne Slack, had something to say about the “Use of Cars and Cycles” policy.

Both Cayton and Slack think that if the school puts some parking spaces in for mopeds, the problem will “resolve over time.”

Although administration has not received any complaints of moped parking arguments, they have advice for the students.

Slack and Cayton both suggest that students with an issue should bring the concern to the administration if confrontations occur.

Kylea Neuendorf, a Freshman at UHS15-year old sophomore, explained the type of issues she experiences.
“I haven’t talked to the administration about any issues, but it does hurt my feelings.”

More recently Neuendorf has had to lock her kickstand on her moped because of students telling her they will “tip her moped.”
Neuendorf is not the only one who has experienced an issue with how the mopeds park. Sophomore Ethan Clark experienced a confrontation as well.

Clark discovered that someone took his parking spot and removed his moped personally by leaning it against a tree. It had occupied one full parking space.

Both Clark and Neuendorf think mopeds should have the same parking privileges as cars.

The student body and administration agree that taking up a whole spot for just one moped is a bit “ridiculous” and “frustrating” for car owners, even though some moped owners do it anyway. This ongoing conflict could go one way or the other

Slack and Cayton think that perhaps the parking issue could be solved in the future by adding signs or specified areas for moped owners to park. They hope that the students take it seriously and respect the designated spots.

“If not, there will be consequences for not following the policy,” Cayton said.