Union High School teens deliver donations to Nebraska flood victims

Sitting in Ag class, discussing the devastation in eastern Nebraska brought on by sudden snow melt and early torrential spring rains, it was Ben Dvorak who suggested he and his friends should do something to show their support for their fellow farmers. It wasn’t long before a Facebook donation page was up and running and donations of hay bales and cash began rolling in.

About a week later on April 5, Dvorak, Andrew Gates, Curtis Jans and Chris Webb had a total of 20 bales of hay loaded onto two trailers, hauled by a pair of pickup trucks that hit the road at 5 AM. Nearly at their destination, a drop-off site established near Columbus, Nebraska, the teens had a bit of an adventure.

Coming down a hill to gather momentum for the next steep climb, both trucks had to make sudden stops when cross traffic turned onto the road ahead of them. Webb, driving the second truck, was able to keep his rig on the road and avoid hitting the trailer in front of him, though the sudden stop resulted in blowing out one of his front tires. A roadside patch applied by Huff Tire allowed Webb to make it to the nearest town, Missouri Valley, where it became evident the tire would need to be replaced. When the good folks at Woodhouse Chevrolet heard the boys’ story, they replaced the damaged tire, free of charge.

Despite the three hour delay, the teens reached their destination where the hay, a donation of nearly $1,000 and a bag of clothes were delivered. Fortunately, the return trip was without incident and the teens returned home safely later that night.

After viewing photos of the flood damage prior to the trip, seeing it in-person left the Union students glad they could help and appreciative of the generous donations so many in eastern Iowa had made, neighbor to neighbor, for those in need.