On November 5, voters in La Porte City decided it was time for a change in the mayor’s office, giving Dave Neil 65% of the votes cast over incumbent, Rick Lubben.

“I’m honored by the city of La Porte for putting their faith in me to guide the city for the next four years,” Neil said.

“I’d like to thank the mayor for the service he gave while he was mayor, and I look forward to working with everyone involved,” he added.

Mayor Lubben, who defeated incumbent Jim Lewis to win the mayor’s job in 2000, will complete the longest tenure of any mayor in the history of La Porte City when his term expires in December.

On January 1, 2014, when Neil is officially sworn in as mayor, her will be joined by two new members on the City Council, Eric Allsup and Brent Sadler. The two were elected to four year terms to fill the seats vacated by Kathy Norris and Kim Ortiz, who both chose not to seek reelection.


Vote Totals for Mayor, La Porte City

Dave Neil – 352

Rick Lubben, 185


Vote Totals, City Council, La Porte City

Eric Allsup – 412

Brent Sadler – 373

Ted Steffens –  193

Gary R. Forney – 27