With the retirement of Ranger Leon Lindley, a new (and familiar face) will take the reins of managing McFarlane Park and all the duties that accompany it. Earlier this month, the Black Hawk County Conservation Board, in its quarterly newsletter, The Oak, announced that Troy Peterson is the new McFarlane Park ranger, taking over Leon Lindley, who has retired.
Lindley has devoted more than 20 years of service to county conservation efforts in Black Hawk County. As part of the announcement of his retirement, he offered words of thanks in a brief essay also published in The Oak:
“It has been a great twenty-some years,” he wrote.
“I have been most fortunate to pursue an occupation in the out-of-doors that I love. While carrying out my charge; I have been privy to the witnessing of nature’s cycles. I have enjoyed sharing with the public insights into nature’s wonders and exploring their possible opportunities and responsibilities in the natural world. Additionally, I have had the privilege of sharing in the lives of campers, trail users, and recreation users. For a person that can get bored easily, this has been a perfect job: ‘there is adventure everywhere.”’Now, there are many people to thank. Thanks to the people of La Porte City for accepting and supporting me these many years. Thanks to the public at large, for kindly working with me. Thanks especially to all the volunteers over the years—they have made my job both extraordinarily rewarding and uniquely productive.
“So where from here? If fate allows both health and time, I see many more adventures; if not, it has been a great run. I am still not comfortable with the word retire, so I will be just moving on. ‘Thank you.’”