Beginning on November 1st, and running through the end of the month, deputies and sheriff’s office employees will be sporting a new look to support a local worthy cause. In observance of the No-Shave November movement seen across the nation, the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office will allow employees to go neatly trimmed, but unshaven for the month to raise money for the “Koats 4 Kids” program headed by Julie Ehlers.
“Deputies approached me to see if we would be willing to amend our appearance policy in observance of the No-Shave November trend, and we decided that helping Julie’s effort to keep local school children warm this winter was worthy of subtly changing our appearance for,” Sheriff Tony Thompson said.
Deputies and employees will donate funds for the month to be able to bypass the shaving regulations observed by the agency.
“We have a great staff and we’re always ready to help with great causes and this is a fun way to help a program that is both timely and important in our community. So, if you see us looking a little scruffy, it’s to make sure that all Black Hawk County children can be warm this winter,” Thompson said.